Sandblasting & Surface Preparation
For items or parts that need to be brought back to bare metal or to achieve the luster appearance (as preferred by some knife enthusiasts), we also provide a sandblasting service.

Equipped with an industrial sandblasting cabinet measuring 1200 x 600 x 340-570mm (LxWxH) we will service anything that can fit (and be handled) inside it. For small to medium sized item, we also provide the option to prime the bare metal once the sandblasting is completed.

Alternatively, surfaces can also be cleaned using the wire wheel method.

For those looking to remove rust and oxidation from steel and iron tools in a less destructive manner (example reason - so that it retains the patina appearance desired by many antique tool collectors), we also provide the option for electrolysis.


Starting from $10 per item. Please send us an email with photos of the item you wish to have serviced. We will provide an estimate based on the quantity, sizes and desired methods.
Sandblasted Knife